Utilising Technology to change the face of Fundraising


Hi Everyone and welcome to the first blog on my new site. I thought my first blog should focus on providing some background on myself and how I got to where I am. I hope you enjoy my blog and stick around for my regular updates.

Over the past few years my career has moved from the commercial sector, particularly in Financial Services, to focussing on the Not For Profits vertical. It’s a place I love being involved with as I always find the most passionate people who are focussed on changing the world. This aligns with my own philosophies as I’m not only interested in social change but change within organisations to increase effectiveness.


Over the past few years I have been transforming  organisations by implementing new technologies, such as salesforce.com, to enable their teams to work more effectively and efficiently.

We have seen small and large organisations move from a myriad of disconnected systems including excel spreadsheets and dedicated fundraising systems towards a platform that provides one true view of the contributors and all their interactions with the organisation expanding their capabilities as most if not all of their requirements are delivered using that platform. This has been a massive step forward and has helped start the journey to transform the organisation.

As we know things never stop there and organisations continue to transform so shouldn’t their tools also evolve almost organically? Gone are the days where the focus of the organisation was almost dictated by the capabilities of the system. More so, the old concept of “upgrading”, which is sometimes effectively throwing out the old system, to the newest version of the system is no longer relevant. All organisations need a platform that can continue to evolve and be enhanced easily as the organisation changes.

This is the reason why I am involved in the salesforce.com space as they are the only tools I have seen and used that will keep ahead of the need for change and deliver the change rapidly.

So what’s next in the Fundraising and Not for Profit space?

I think the time is right for some fundamental change in the fundraising space. The Fundraising process hasn’t fundamentally changed over time. With the introduction of organisations such as Kiva, which is a micro-financing organisation driven by social interactions, will we see this type of model drive a change in how fundraising is operated? Is Peer to Peer fundraising, or as I prefer to call is social fundraising, the model that will be adopted as we move forward? Do the donors want to see the true impact of their donations and how effective they are? Regardless, as the model changes we need technology to adapt and keep ahead of the change to ensure we maintain the 360 degree view of our contributors.

Over the coming months I intend to blog about my views on the changing face of Fundraising and the impact on organisations and how this can be managed.

I encourage and welcome your feedback. Please leave me some comments and help drive the focus of the force Innovation blog.