The outlook for next week is Cloudy with a hint of awesomeness in the air

Yep I know it’s a crazy title but it’s a hint that next week will be a full week of fun and cloudy type events.


On Wednesday I will be in Melbourne at the #Salesforce1Tour event. This will be a day highlighting the Salesforce1 platform and how companies and organisations are using Salesforce. For me the most exciting bit is the ‘Ask an Expert’ bar – this will be the first time that we will have a dedicated space in an Australian event staffed by the local Salesforce MVP’s (Steven Herod, Matt Lacey, Jason Lawrence and myself) and a great crew of volunteers from our various User Groups. Anybody can come up and ask us any question about Salesforce and challenge us to help solve your problems.

The other cool thing about the #Salesforce1Tour event is the breakout sessions. There is something for everyone from sessions such as 5 Emerging Digital Trends by Derek Laney, to Using Salesforce to Grow and Succeed by Tom Karemacher or The Power of the Connected Nonprofit by Andrew Hill.

I am sure it will an informative and interesting day and I hope to catch up with you at the event.

But wait… that’s not all. On Friday night in Sydney we will be holding a #CloudCrowd event focussing on the Internet of Things.


Who/What is the #CloudCrowd? Well it’s you if you’re reading this but basically it is a bunch of people who are interested in the cloud, who enjoy talking about and spreading the word about the cloud and are keen to stay ahead of the game.

The night will be a fun night featuring a panel including Mark PesceMatt LaceyReid Carlberg and hosted by Derek Laney. and we are expecting some great discussions from the floor about #IoT as well as the Social Media command centre which will be tracking all social activity on the night. Don’t forget to bring your party shoes as we have a band to help get the event pumping.. and there is plenty of food and drinks on offer as well.

The best bit – this is all FREE! So don’t hesitate jump into our #CloudCrowd Linkedin group for details on how you can grab your ticket now and also don’t forget to follow us on Twitter for all the latest news and details about our events.

So the week will be jam packed full of awesomeness and fun and I hope to catchup with you at either, or both, of the events this week.

#FIAConf2014 – a reminder to focus on what’s important


This week I had the pleasure of attending #FIAConf2014, the Fundraising Institute Conference, in Melbourne. This was my first time that I have attended the conference and I found it an amazing experience. I’ve been to numerous conferences in my time and always take away something – this time the takeaway was a reminder about my personal goals and what drives me to do what I do.

During the conference I spent a lot of time talking to a people from a range of organisations – some small organisations and some very large. Their operational problems they are trying to resolve were all similar but the most interesting part was that their passion and drive was the same regardless of the size or purpose of the charity.

The highlight of the event was the Gala event and the awards. The one that touched me more than any other was the Volunteer of the Year – his story reminded me of the real values that we should uphold in our life and what we should keep front of mind every day of our life.

I’ve spent the majority of my working life working in or with Financial Services companies. I enjoyed my work but was never really satisfied with what I was doing. Over the past few years I have made a concerted effort to work with Not For Profit organisations.

I have walked away from the conference with a new sense of drive to focus on helping organisations become more effective through the use of great tools that allow them to focus on what they need to do rather than be tied up in operational ineffectiveness.

I’m already looking forward to #FIAConf2015 and I hope to see you there or talk beforehand if we can help you drive change in your organisation.